The Trump White House Is Now Losing One Senior Staff Member Every 17 Days

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I’m thinking Trump should can some staff at the FBI myself.


I like the way True Pundit makes this sound like some new revelation.

Shocking News! … FBI Lies About Lost Vagrant Shooting!

Really? … Where has True Pundit been? .. Stationed on Mars without charged up batteries for their walkie-talkies I guess. Must not be any cell phone service there either.

The FBI has an entire division devoted to lying and covering up massive criminal operations. ……… No, I’m not talking about FBI legal or the DoJ here. … They are the next layer of protection to The FBI Office of Cover-Ups and False Flag Ops.

Quite frankly, I think we are being played by True Pundit too.

I mean, ISIS Terror? ……. Really?  …. Really? ..

We have to jump through THE HOOP OF ISIS? … Really?

Doesn’t True Pundit mean CIA Terror?

Didn’t we establish that the CIA created, trains, arms, transports, funds and supports ISIS a long while back?

So basically what this article from these ‘FBI agent whistle blowers’ is saying is that our ABC agencies are shooting Americans for more funding, Operation Gun Grab and as easy moving targets to practice on for their covert agent trouble makers before shipping them back to their country of origin to wreck the legitimate regime there (To knock off Assad, Killary style).

What the True Pundit has is a poorly written headline there. .. It should read:

CIA Kills 58 People In Los Vegas And The FBI Covers It Up

Live Hard, Is That Too Much Information In The Head Line So That Nobody Will Bother To Read The Article?, Die Free

~ DC v8.8