Your Survival Guide for the Greatest Economic Crisis in 75 Years

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The greatest economic crisis in 75 years could change everything.

It will drive millions of seniors to the brink of bankruptcy and dependency… and beyond.

Trillions of dollars in home mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards granted to struggling pensioners will default. The companies behind these loans will stumble and fall.

Corporate revenue and earnings will plunge – first, as seniors stop spending and secondly, as millions of younger consumers and investors read the writing on the wall and run for cover.

Stock prices will implode. The bond market will crash and burn… interest rates will skyrocket… the entire economy will grind to a virtual standstill.

Just like it did back in 1929.

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And believe it or not, that’s actually the most optimistic view you’re likely to see from any serious analyst at this point.

The news is shocking, to say the least. For the second time in 18 years, the incompetent and corrupt fools who run some of America’s largest financial institutions are only a few weeks away from bringing the U.S. economy to its knees.

They have conspired with Washington legislators and regulators to sentence the entire U.S. economy to a crisis of almost biblical proportions.

Once again, they have lit the fuse on a financial disaster that will cost everyday people trillions of dollars.

This time though, it’s America’s estimated 70,000 pension funds that could be at risk…

Financial Doomsday – Oct. 31, 2018

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