The Most Controversial (and Profitable) Article You're Going to Read Ahead of Midterm Elections

Midterm elections are only six weeks away, and predictably, many investors are turning themselves inside out because they think the stock market’s next move hinges on the results of those elections.

The mainstream media certainly wants you to believe that’s the case. So do legions of pundits hawking their unique brand of divisive spin over the Internet, on the nightly news, at political rallies – even during sporting events.

We’re told that our financial future hangs in the balance.

Not true.

In fact, there is NO documentable link between stock market performance and the outcome of midterm elections…

Hard to believe?





Beyond any shadow of a doubt.

My research shows that the numbers have never been more important to our country’s history and its future… your future… because that’s where profits really hit home.

The war on success and on your wallet has never been stronger, nor has the culture of blame that seems to pervade our every waking minute.

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More investors need to put down their smartphones and take a good close look at the facts.

Perhaps then, they’d enjoy the same kind of visionary thinking and insightful investing success we do here at Total Wealth.

Take a look…

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