As This Arms Race Heats Up, Your Profits Could Too

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You may have heard that our trade talks with China are “moving along nicely.”

That’s a distraction – at best. China is no friend of ours.

It continues to develop deadly new superfast missiles.

These weapons are capable of flying faster than 3,100 mph – more than five times the speed of sound.

With that kind of speed, they could break through any current modern defense.

That makes them a major threat to U.S. security.

In fact, China claims to have successfully tested the Starry Sky-2 – a combat aircraft that can travel 4,563 mph – in August.

Chinese military expert Song Zhongping told the press recently that the development shows China is “advancing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. and Russia.”

That’s why I recommended, to some of my paid-up members, a certain tiny defense contractor whose technology is absolutely crucial as the Pentagon “levels up” to create a weapons program to defend against this aggression from China.

And last week, we found this defense-tech mastermind in a major rally, rising more than 15% in early trade.

The reason: It absolutely crushed on earnings.

This leader in aerospace propulsion systems, precision tactical weapon systems, and armament systems said third-quarter diluted earnings per share came in double digits ahead of Wall Street forecasts – and up triple digits year over year.

I see plenty of upside ahead. The firm’s engineers are now putting the finishing touches on their next-generation technologies.

Once launched, this program should yield a steady flow of new lucrative contracts, adding to its current sales base.

This firm’s involvement in the futuristic weapons we’ll need to defend against China’s latest is so vital to our nation’s safety that I’ve prepared a special briefing on it.

The presentation will give you all the details you need to know – including how and why this company could undergo a 3,877% revenue surge in the near future.

And how investors who make their move now could see gains of 145% in just the next 12 months.

To view it, simply click here.

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