Thief In Hamptons Makes Off With $42 Million From Parked Car

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A thief in the Hamptons stole cash and valuables from a parked car with a value of at least $42 million, according to Dan’s Papers, a local news website.

CCTV footage of thief in East Hampton, Photo: acceptphoto, kantver, Iakov Kalinin/123RF

The treasure trove, pulled from the trunk, center console and floor of a relatively unassuming vintage Mercedes-Benz, included $8 million in cash and $2 million in Swiss bearer bonds, along with a antique Fabergé egg valued at at least $9.6 million, and an original Stradivarius violin worth $16 million.Dan’s Papers

While the crime was captured on a nearby security camera, the thief has yet to be identified. 

“From what we understand,

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