Is American Freedom in Jeopardy?

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“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
– Abraham Lincoln

I recently had the privilege of attending The Oxford Club’s 21st Annual Investment U Conference in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. The special guest and keynote speaker was Os Guinness – English author, social critic and great-great-great-grandson of the illustrious brewer.

You could hear a pin drop during Os’ presentation. Despite the fact that his message was somewhat foreboding, he was the only speaker to bring every single member of the audience to their feet.

Calling this time in our history a “Rubicon moment,” he spoke about the threats to freedom as we know it, including the rise of socialism in America.

Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green explores this very topic (also the subject of Os’ latest book, Last Call for Liberty: How America’s Genius for Freedom Has Become Its Greatest Threat) in an exclusive interview with the author.

A photo of Alexander Green interviewing Os Guinness about American freedom and financial economics.

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Their talk reminds me of a recent Liberty Through Wealth essay by Nicholas Vardy. Having experienced socialism firsthand as a child in Hungary, Nicholas explains how socialism, though noble in its aspirations, has led to political and economic disaster in practice.

Separately, Alex discusses the current crop of “socialist” politicians in America and their war on wealth. He warns that punitive policies like the ones they’re proposing will have devastating results: “Less jobs. Less opportunity. Less prosperity. Less economic freedom.”

And yet, despite how much our society has benefited from capitalism, polling shows that nearly 40% of Americans favor socialism over capitalism.

So is American freedom in jeopardy?

Well, that’s up to us. I hope you’ll take the chance to watch this very special interview between two intellectual titans, then reflect on Os’ parting words at the conference:

Can freedom last forever?… The choice is yours, and the consequences will be for your children. Choose wisely and choose well.

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