Terrifying Footage Emerges As Skyscraper Window Washers Go On Nightmare Ride

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Two Oklahoma window washers went on a terrifying wind-blown ride on Wednesday morning at the top of the 844′ Devon Tower. 

#BREAKING: This is TERRIFYING. Two window washers stuck at the top of the Devon Tower, swinging. Fire crews are attempting to rescue them. This video from Sky 5…. @koconews pic.twitter.com/WepdrS0aHe

— Jason Hackett (@KOCOJason) May 15, 2019

The lift they were on began swinging out of control until emergency crews were able to stabilize it and rescue the workers. 

TERRIFYING! Two people became trapped on a swinging lift on top of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City. They have been rescued and are safe! Sky 5 was on the scene during the rescue >> https://t.co/QQtAuGnCdR #OklahomaCity #BreakingNews

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