How Low Will The S&P Fall Before Trump Capitulates To China? JPMorgan Has The Answer

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Three days after we published our take on the latest Flows and Liquidity report by JPMorgan’s quant Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, whose conclusion was “problematic” as it contradicted the hypothesis previously laid out by JPM’s more recognizable (at least to the broader public) face, Marko Kolanovic, with the Greek strategist stating that any assumption that institutions or retail investors are underinvested is wrong, and instead finding that “neither institutional nor retail investors are currently underinvested in equities. In fact we find that the opposite appears to be true…”, Kolanovic has responded (just as expected, “always on an uptick“), and not surprisingly, has stuck to his core argument, stating that “overall, positioning remains muted, and absent new geopolitical escalations, equity downside should be

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